Market Stalls

It’s time for budding fresh herbs, garden goodies and Awesome repurposed ideas! Revel in your inner green thumb… choose your selection of herbs, select your style of small space gardening project and we’ll do the rest!

Upcoming Stalls

Hunt and Gather  Markets
Pacific Park – Newcastle – 3rd Saturday of the month – 9am-2pm

Newcastle Farmers Markets
Newcastle Showgrounds – Broadmeadow – 4th weekend of each month – 7am-1pm

Olive Tree Markets Maitland
Maitland Regional Art Gallery – Olive Tree Markets Maitland dates

Olive Tree Markets Newcastle
Civic Park – Newcastle – Olive Tree Markets Newcastle.

About us


Feedback is a local community solution supported by cafes and restaurants across the Hunter Valley with the aim of reducing organic waste going to landfill. Feedback is a business that collects organic material from cafes, restaurants and any other business that creates organic waste and then uses an aerobic decomposition process to convert the waste into a valuable composted product that, once generated, is available to the community to be applied as a natural fertiliser.


More and more today we see products developed as a result of higher consumer expectations for products that consider the environment. Feedback wants to increase consumer awareness about the importance of managing food and other organic waste now and into the future. Researching statistics on landfill in Australia led to the finding that 62% of landfill was made up of organic waste with the second largest source coming from cafes and restaurants. Having worked in the hospitality industry for many years, we sort to confirm this by contacting local restaurants and cafes to see whether this was a common problem and how it might be resolved. This was an issue at the forefront of café and restaurant owner’s minds and it became obvious, very quickly, that owners wanted to be part of a local community solution. There began the foundation of Feedback – a community agricultural solution.


The Feedback logo sends a powerful message. It is an instantly recognisable initiative integrating local, sustainable, and environmental themes, all of which have become increasingly important to consumers today. More and more today we see products developed as a result of higher consumer expectations for products that consider the environment. The long term goal of Feedback is to create a situation where customers of cafes and restaurants recognise the value in eating, drinking and dining in cafes that are part of the Feedback community.


Being a part of Feedback means being a part of a local, sustainable solution – a process that your customers will support and identify with. Being a part of Feedback also means that your waste will now complete the cycle from ‘Plate to Paddock’, where your organic waste will be used to its full potential, as a compost, rather than being sent to landfill.


CONTACT US now and we’ll send you information on how to join Feedback and its community.